Often times you will find yourself having images required in your models, and testing these models can be a real pain in the donkey as you will have to create images just for that.

We want to make things simple for you, so you can import our method ‘create_dummy_image’ to easily create a dummy image for your tests!

create_dummy_image(filename=u'Test_image', title=u'Title', caption=u'Caption', alt_text=u'Alt Text',

This will create a new dummy entry in the database, so all you have to do is to assign it to your model’s Foreign Key.

Remember to call


In your tearDown.

Also, django_image_tools will never delete your images, so you will have to delete them yourself. Just kidding, we made a script for that too.


So, here’s a complete script.

def setUp(self):
    partnerImage = create_dummy_image()
    model_with_image = Model(name=u'Coca cola', image=partnerImage)

def testInsert(self):
    self.assertEqual(Model.objects.all()[0].name, 'Coca cola')

def tearDown(self):
    model_with_image = Model.objects.all()[0]


Django Image Tools uses Travis CI to test the integration with several versions of Python and Django. You can see the list of currently supported combinations on our Travis CI page.